Tuesday, February 28, 2006

MKTH Videos!!!

Well as promised, here are tons of photos and videos for your viewing pleasure... Hehehe...

P/s: To view the video without leaving this page, you need to click on the SMALL Triangular play button icon on the bottom left of the video window. Hope you enjoy the videos! =p

The Opening Showcase-- Chinese 24 Drums (video 1)

The Opening Showcase-- Chinese 24 Drums (video 2)

The Highlights-- Chinese Yo-Yo (video 1)

The Highlights-- Chinese Yo-Yo, check out 7.5 performance!! It's cooler than streetstyle Yo-Yo!!! (video 2)

The Highlights-- Chinese Yo-Yo. WOW!!!You gonna see THIS!!!I bet you can't do this with the conventional Yo-Yo!!! (video 3)

Bian Lian-- This is the first time in my life I see this kind of performance!!! Do take note on how fast he change the mask. Simply AMAZING!!!


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