Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm Back ONLINE!!!

After a long week of heavy schedules ( which FYI, include moving into the new house in Penang, busy works in Sony and etc...), I finally found a time to write my blog today. =)

Tonight me, my gf and Albert were the VIP for the MKTH ( Malam Kebudayaan Tiong Hua ) in UM. So we went to watch the whole show.. And man I have to tell you that some of the shoes performances are absolutely amazing!! Wil update you with the videos and photos later on. This time really promise will post up the videos and photos. =p

24 Drums performances, Xiang Seng, comedy drama, cantonese opera, chinese style Yo-Yo, chinese fan dance, kung fu show, and special performance of "Bian Lian" ( change face ) are parts of the showcase tonight.

I do really enjoy the 24 drums performances, chinese style Yo-Yo (you will get what I mean when you see the video) and "bian lian". This is really my first time see the "bian lian" in real life. But what makes me feel happy is that I can sing back the UM song again. =p Nowadays, I don't have many opportunies to sing that song anymore as I've completed my undergraduate study there.

Well, it's getting late now. I gonna go to sleep now. well, until then, do keep an eye on this blog site because there will be lots of photos and videos posted here. =p


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