Tuesday, February 28, 2006

MKTH Videos!!!

Well as promised, here are tons of photos and videos for your viewing pleasure... Hehehe...

P/s: To view the video without leaving this page, you need to click on the SMALL Triangular play button icon on the bottom left of the video window. Hope you enjoy the videos! =p

The Opening Showcase-- Chinese 24 Drums (video 1)

The Opening Showcase-- Chinese 24 Drums (video 2)

The Highlights-- Chinese Yo-Yo (video 1)

The Highlights-- Chinese Yo-Yo, check out 7.5 performance!! It's cooler than streetstyle Yo-Yo!!! (video 2)

The Highlights-- Chinese Yo-Yo. WOW!!!You gonna see THIS!!!I bet you can't do this with the conventional Yo-Yo!!! (video 3)

Bian Lian-- This is the first time in my life I see this kind of performance!!! Do take note on how fast he change the mask. Simply AMAZING!!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

My Old Home

I've mentioned to you before that I've been busy moving house in Penang.. Well, now I dedicated this post to my old home..

The picture shown above is my old home in Tmn Sri Rambai. It is my shelter of love and hope since 1996 till 2006. I've gone through my high school years when I stay there, until I got an offer from University of Malaya to further my study there.

Many of my own important journey of my life happen during my stay to this medium but lovely house. I own my first Pentium I PC in this house (1997), and also the first time got connected to the internet in this house(end of 1997). Launched my first personal webpage and also GLNet(1999) in this house. Doing my first online purchase on Amazon.com in this house also. Use IRC to ICQ also in this house. Oh, and not forgetting that I got my driving licence here also.

I got my first personal handphone here also. The humble Nokia 3310. (2002). Oh, And one of the most important thing is that I firstly started my photography hobbies after my Form 6 studies. (2001)

This is also the house that I firstly bring my first girl friend (until now she is still mine and only girl friend =p) to meet my parents (2002). This is the place too for me to start to venture into the world of pacesetter. (Jogging started since 1999). From there on,there is no turning back for the love of the sport. =p Talking about sports, I've learned how to swim also during my form 6 times (2000).

There's too many memories and events that happen during my stay there. If you ask me do I miss staying there. My answer is YES! I really do... Really miss the big green gold grass garden, the ever-so-beautiful sunset.. I miss my old home...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm Back ONLINE!!!

After a long week of heavy schedules ( which FYI, include moving into the new house in Penang, busy works in Sony and etc...), I finally found a time to write my blog today. =)

Tonight me, my gf and Albert were the VIP for the MKTH ( Malam Kebudayaan Tiong Hua ) in UM. So we went to watch the whole show.. And man I have to tell you that some of the shoes performances are absolutely amazing!! Wil update you with the videos and photos later on. This time really promise will post up the videos and photos. =p

24 Drums performances, Xiang Seng, comedy drama, cantonese opera, chinese style Yo-Yo, chinese fan dance, kung fu show, and special performance of "Bian Lian" ( change face ) are parts of the showcase tonight.

I do really enjoy the 24 drums performances, chinese style Yo-Yo (you will get what I mean when you see the video) and "bian lian". This is really my first time see the "bian lian" in real life. But what makes me feel happy is that I can sing back the UM song again. =p Nowadays, I don't have many opportunies to sing that song anymore as I've completed my undergraduate study there.

Well, it's getting late now. I gonna go to sleep now. well, until then, do keep an eye on this blog site because there will be lots of photos and videos posted here. =p

Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Sony Pamphlet -- My Art Work & Photoshop Skills finally can "show off"..

It's quite surprising that Sony Japanese Regional manager promoted me to a permenant assistant and also P-I-C ( Person in charge ) for the Accessories Dept.

Now that I'm in that post,my job responsibility will naturally become "wider".. Well, one of those "extra" job is to design and print out the display pamphlet for the retail store..

Hehe, and well I have to say that I just simply love to use Adobe Photoshop to design the things. =) In that way, I can spent time to horn my skills on photoshop and also can earn money by that way. Hehe!! =p

Attached below is a few of my design

end-products.. You can give comments by clicking on the comments link.. Looking forward to receive your comment. =)

Friday, February 17, 2006

iPod Mania...

After I've done with the troubleshooting for my faulty MuVo. I've been browsing the internet to find a good earbud headset replacement. I've stumbled upon an article stated that iPod nano now come with 1GB model and also Sony Bean walkman will be discon't this April.

Well honestly, the previous news come as a big surprise for me instead of the later one.. iPod actually come out with 1GB player and with the impossible CHEAP price. Previously we can only choose 2GB or 4GB for the iPod nano, now you can have the cool nano for well below RM1k. Yes, you read it right, it's well below RM1k, to be exact, it's RM709.

Not believing me? Then check out the link below:

Now, I'm having another dilemma..sigh...wanna take my Muvo to repair, or just buy iPod nano and jump into the iPod wagon. OR... repair the MuVo,then buy iPod nano also.

Sigh...if only iPod nano has the build-in FM tuner and voice recorder,then the questions will be solved by itself...

My Muvo cover is spoilt!! : |

My lovely MP3 player Muvo cover is spoilt! I only noticed it this late evening while I wanna listen to the mp3 when came back from work. Aprt from that, the headset ear bud headset also having difficulty to produce sound... I'm so worry and sad by it...

Just now I searched through the Creative website to find the nearest service centre. What I can find is the Customer Service Centre whihc located near Low Yatt Plaza. Think will bring my Muvo to get the servicing.. Hope I can claim the warranty also as it is still within the warranty period..

Emag!! Free online mag!!

I've discovered this online mag before CNY but have no time to share with you. Now here it is!! www.emag.com.my This website actually let you browse the whole new mag! There are a lot of titles to choose from. From travel to fashion to IT.. You will need a username to access the content though.. Don't worry, the registration is free.. Go try it out!

P/s: Get to know this website through The Star In-Tech.. =p

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Reconnecting the Home Network to the internet

Today my home network got struck by lightning and the moem actually go haywire...

No one knows what actually went wrong, whether the modem got fried or the mini switch that got fried... So after I came back from work... I try to diagnose the modem and switch...Luckily at our home there is still a backup modem which can be use, so I try to reconfigurate the modem to go into router mode and autoconnect and dial...

Finally after about an hour, I successfully reconnect all the PC back to the internet. I'm so happy with it! I've learned how to reconfigurate the whole new modem and "speed" up the whole process.. =)

Mm... about the fried old modem? Who wants to take it for experiment??

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