Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The God is watching over Us

Recently, I encountered some strange things in my life. That certainly enlighten me a lot since I was in the midst of finding my path in life.

The first thing I felt the presence of God is that when in one rainy night last week. While I was crossing the road, a motor nearly knocked me down but I was very lucky. The motor did hit my front motor tyre, but I didn't get hurt at all. Luckily for me, I got a shock! A real shock! But no body get hurt in the minor accident.

This is the first incident that really made me felt the presence of God. The second incident is that every morning when I boards the LARD. They will be jammed packed of people. Some of the working people will try to "push" in the already FULL LARD. I felt this I not necessary so I just let them to push in the LARD, even though they are behind me.

So after I let them in the LARD, another LARD come in after about 20 seconds. The LARD is empty. So now I got the place to sit in...Now I really think if you are more patience and also do some goodness, some goodness will come back to you.

Although these are only some small matters and some maybe will not even think that this will be associated with the god, but to me, it is.

The reason is because that I'm questioning the presence of god in everyone life. I start to think where is god when we needed him/her most? Why are we always do good deeds but instead has been given a lot of difficulties to face with.. But now I know, God really appears in a mysterious way.. So for now, do more good deeds and pray to god. He is listening, and always look positive in your life. 天生我才必有用. So, brave yourself to face the difficulty, you'll sure will get through it and succeed!!


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