Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The day with the PSP

Yesterday night I discovered that actually we do have the Bleach PSP game demo in our shop. So when today there are no customers around, I played a few games on it. =)

On the UMD CD cover stated that this is actually the Bleach 2. It's kinda like Street fighter game style. You pick a character, thenvs with the opponent. In PSP, you can either choose to VS the comp or to wireless multiplayers.

I choose Kurosaki Ichigo as my character...too bad the wording and explanation are in japanese. Sometimes have to guess where to select to start the game. =p

But anyway, I manage to get into the game play. in the game play, Kurosaki looked thinner than the original character. Feel like he shed some weight la for helthy living. Hehe, the soul sword is still as big as possible there. The game play is impressive! I didn't expect the small PSP can actually give an impressive frame rate and responsive. Just that I'm not quite used to the thin Ichigo, felt like he didn't eat for months. Haha...

Ok, then I swithed to the ceramic white PSP instead, played a short game of car race. The graphic is good on the small screen. And man, you should take a few minutes to look at the intro and trailer of the game, it's mind blowing!! ike the real PS2 on portable.

Ok, enough said.. The final comment is that this PSP not only can play games, but also playback MP3, MP4 movies, JPG picture slideshows, and go online with the build in wifi...and not forgetting the language translation dictionary software supported. It will be a very nice gadgets to own if the price of it is below RM500.. So for those who always on the move, and need a gadget to do all the things I mentioned above. Then go for it!! But one. But for those who is on a budget and need BIG screen to play games, then go back to your PC and play games ok??? Haha.. just kidding, you can actually go for PS2.

The original PSP

The ceramic white PSP.. =)

The ceramic white PSP from another point of view


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