Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sony Chinese reunion party...

On 23rd of January night, 11pm, My company invited all of us to celebrate the occasion with all the staff in The Curve Sony Style.

All of us having a lot of fun from playing games: example beer drinking contest, mandarin orange eating contest and lots more... The food is good and the people are nice to each other. We party until late in the night. Luckily the day after I don't need to go to office that earlier. =p

The buffet dinner (or supper?)

Tucked in at the Bravia Corner! Red colour means "ong" colour!!

Teck Seng trying to block the photo shoot! He is very funny!!

With Shyane, my assistant manager.

The whole big family...p.s.: spot the drunker..

The whole KLCC staff with the first prize hamper!


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