Monday, January 23, 2006

Off Day!!!

Well, after a busy week dealing with COOL tech gadgets, now finally I can rest at home for some relaxing music and also updating my blog..and ya, my plans for the whole year.

I begun to read back my resolution for this year. And it keep reminding me that I need to have some actions towards realizing the resolution..

Well on the part of losing weight, think it's on the way already.. The lab techniques new knowledge I am working on it.. The change the handphone part... er... go blame nokia for it's late release of 6280. =p And I think I will get my chance to travel to Hong Kong, all thanks to my company now..hehe..

While I was trying to search online for an e-book for learning japanese or french. But not all are very comprehensive. Think will fork out money to buy a book to learn the language.

And now that the flash website creation comsume too much of my time, think will go slowly on these first...

Haha, that's all..


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