Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Analysis of type of Customers

Even though today is a public holiday, one will wonder where are all people go? In KLCC, normally it will be packed with tons of people during holiday but this is not the case today. This really let us wonder why?

By the way, that's not the point of writing this blog here. Ok, here we go, there are many types of customers that you will encounter in KLCC. Let me explain this...

1. Customers that come and ask things, many things...occupied your time for the whole 1 hour. Then will say thank you and didn't buy a thing.

2. Customers that come and ask tons of info about the product, even request for demo. Then left the shop and buy from next door.

3. Customers that prefer to be left alone, some even will beg you for that. Then he/she will spend 10 minutes just to wonder what the green button on the camera does..
4. There will be the occasional one that come in the shop well prepared (has done research through internet and ask friends' opinion), then came in the shop and buy the thing straight away.

5. Some will buy the things after you briefly explained, then will ask you from A to Z about the product he/she bought, without realizing that the answers are all in the manual book or self-explanatory. (or choose to ask because lazy to flip open the manual, or we called it manual book allergy sufferer.)

6. There will be customers that bumped into the shop and ask for iPod, or air con, even air filter. ( FYI, I worked part time in a direct store that only sell very specific brand of electronic gadgets, you'll know it from my shop name.)

7. There are the few who always visited the shop and never buy a thing...oh sorry, only bought AA alkaline battery once.

8. And the most special one... Only heard of this once.. There will be a customer that request for a catalog, then circled 8 or 9 really expensive gadgets that cost a total of over 20k, then just call you to pack all the things up. Wah....

Ok that's all... so tell me, what type of customers are you?


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