Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Family Lau Sang2

Oh, I just forgot to post these 2 videos for you. Now here you go.. just click on the "play" button icon on the bottom of the video clip to view it directly in my blog here. Enjoy!!!

Sony Chinese reunion party...

On 23rd of January night, 11pm, My company invited all of us to celebrate the occasion with all the staff in The Curve Sony Style.

All of us having a lot of fun from playing games: example beer drinking contest, mandarin orange eating contest and lots more... The food is good and the people are nice to each other. We party until late in the night. Luckily the day after I don't need to go to office that earlier. =p

The buffet dinner (or supper?)

Tucked in at the Bravia Corner! Red colour means "ong" colour!!

Teck Seng trying to block the photo shoot! He is very funny!!

With Shyane, my assistant manager.

The whole big family...p.s.: spot the drunker..

The whole KLCC staff with the first prize hamper!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Off Day!!!

Well, after a busy week dealing with COOL tech gadgets, now finally I can rest at home for some relaxing music and also updating my blog..and ya, my plans for the whole year.

I begun to read back my resolution for this year. And it keep reminding me that I need to have some actions towards realizing the resolution..

Well on the part of losing weight, think it's on the way already.. The lab techniques new knowledge I am working on it.. The change the handphone part... er... go blame nokia for it's late release of 6280. =p And I think I will get my chance to travel to Hong Kong, all thanks to my company now..hehe..

While I was trying to search online for an e-book for learning japanese or french. But not all are very comprehensive. Think will fork out money to buy a book to learn the language.

And now that the flash website creation comsume too much of my time, think will go slowly on these first...

Haha, that's all..

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hosting my video on

I've tried many methods on hosting the video on blogger but to no avail.. Treid a few video hosting website but they block our country IP address..sigh..saying that too much traffic..(Huh? with broadband penetration here below 15%, I wonder why the websites stated that.) sigh...

But after going through some forum about video bloging. I finally found a solution to host my video and share it online.. Well, you can't search it through the main website because I choose not to share it to all only you who access my blog here can access..Haha, I can make it to require password and also approval from me, but that will only add in later.. Well, enjoy the video now. =p

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The God is watching over Us

Recently, I encountered some strange things in my life. That certainly enlighten me a lot since I was in the midst of finding my path in life.

The first thing I felt the presence of God is that when in one rainy night last week. While I was crossing the road, a motor nearly knocked me down but I was very lucky. The motor did hit my front motor tyre, but I didn't get hurt at all. Luckily for me, I got a shock! A real shock! But no body get hurt in the minor accident.

This is the first incident that really made me felt the presence of God. The second incident is that every morning when I boards the LARD. They will be jammed packed of people. Some of the working people will try to "push" in the already FULL LARD. I felt this I not necessary so I just let them to push in the LARD, even though they are behind me.

So after I let them in the LARD, another LARD come in after about 20 seconds. The LARD is empty. So now I got the place to sit in...Now I really think if you are more patience and also do some goodness, some goodness will come back to you.

Although these are only some small matters and some maybe will not even think that this will be associated with the god, but to me, it is.

The reason is because that I'm questioning the presence of god in everyone life. I start to think where is god when we needed him/her most? Why are we always do good deeds but instead has been given a lot of difficulties to face with.. But now I know, God really appears in a mysterious way.. So for now, do more good deeds and pray to god. He is listening, and always look positive in your life. 天生我才必有用. So, brave yourself to face the difficulty, you'll sure will get through it and succeed!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The End of Bleach Season 1

Well, tomorrow I will work for the morning shift, so now is the quick one..

The hugely popular Bleach anime will ended its first season. The final title 63 saw the ryoka going back to the real world here. But excitement ensures, as it will be the 2nd season coming out. I will not telling you this here as it will spoilt your excitement.

So just quickly download it on the net.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Da Vinci Code Movie

The aniticipated movie of the year in 2006 will be released in 18th May 2006 in Malaysia. Starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou. This Dan Brown novel adapation is believed to be a hit on this summer.

Well, I extremely excited over the adaptation of this novel and asked more than nothing as Prof. Robert Langdon will be potrated by Tom Hanks. As from what knew from the reading of the novel and also movie teaser, there will be lots of actions, car chase, suspend moments and of course, the mystery feel of the whole story. Oh, and by the way, here's the printscreen of the official website looked like. Click on the image to view a bigger photo.

Remember to watch it on the cinema! If you buy pirated stuff, you won't get the real "feeling" of the movie. Go to watch at the cinema, it's the experience that count!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The day with the PSP

Yesterday night I discovered that actually we do have the Bleach PSP game demo in our shop. So when today there are no customers around, I played a few games on it. =)

On the UMD CD cover stated that this is actually the Bleach 2. It's kinda like Street fighter game style. You pick a character, thenvs with the opponent. In PSP, you can either choose to VS the comp or to wireless multiplayers.

I choose Kurosaki Ichigo as my character...too bad the wording and explanation are in japanese. Sometimes have to guess where to select to start the game. =p

But anyway, I manage to get into the game play. in the game play, Kurosaki looked thinner than the original character. Feel like he shed some weight la for helthy living. Hehe, the soul sword is still as big as possible there. The game play is impressive! I didn't expect the small PSP can actually give an impressive frame rate and responsive. Just that I'm not quite used to the thin Ichigo, felt like he didn't eat for months. Haha...

Ok, then I swithed to the ceramic white PSP instead, played a short game of car race. The graphic is good on the small screen. And man, you should take a few minutes to look at the intro and trailer of the game, it's mind blowing!! ike the real PS2 on portable.

Ok, enough said.. The final comment is that this PSP not only can play games, but also playback MP3, MP4 movies, JPG picture slideshows, and go online with the build in wifi...and not forgetting the language translation dictionary software supported. It will be a very nice gadgets to own if the price of it is below RM500.. So for those who always on the move, and need a gadget to do all the things I mentioned above. Then go for it!! But one. But for those who is on a budget and need BIG screen to play games, then go back to your PC and play games ok??? Haha.. just kidding, you can actually go for PS2.

The original PSP

The ceramic white PSP.. =)

The ceramic white PSP from another point of view

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Analysis of type of Customers

Even though today is a public holiday, one will wonder where are all people go? In KLCC, normally it will be packed with tons of people during holiday but this is not the case today. This really let us wonder why?

By the way, that's not the point of writing this blog here. Ok, here we go, there are many types of customers that you will encounter in KLCC. Let me explain this...

1. Customers that come and ask things, many things...occupied your time for the whole 1 hour. Then will say thank you and didn't buy a thing.

2. Customers that come and ask tons of info about the product, even request for demo. Then left the shop and buy from next door.

3. Customers that prefer to be left alone, some even will beg you for that. Then he/she will spend 10 minutes just to wonder what the green button on the camera does..
4. There will be the occasional one that come in the shop well prepared (has done research through internet and ask friends' opinion), then came in the shop and buy the thing straight away.

5. Some will buy the things after you briefly explained, then will ask you from A to Z about the product he/she bought, without realizing that the answers are all in the manual book or self-explanatory. (or choose to ask because lazy to flip open the manual, or we called it manual book allergy sufferer.)

6. There will be customers that bumped into the shop and ask for iPod, or air con, even air filter. ( FYI, I worked part time in a direct store that only sell very specific brand of electronic gadgets, you'll know it from my shop name.)

7. There are the few who always visited the shop and never buy a thing...oh sorry, only bought AA alkaline battery once.

8. And the most special one... Only heard of this once.. There will be a customer that request for a catalog, then circled 8 or 9 really expensive gadgets that cost a total of over 20k, then just call you to pack all the things up. Wah....

Ok that's all... so tell me, what type of customers are you?

Friday, January 06, 2006

Return to the Sony

04.01.2006 -- today marked my return to the Sony KLCC. Feel a bit odd. Being there only for the first day already felt like weeks there. Maybe becuase of the devaju feeling...

Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Quiz for You!!!

Guess whose' leg is this being photographed??? Hehe...

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