Friday, December 30, 2005

Students strange behaviour

Just another 2 days we will usher the coming of the New Year. In UM, most of our uni student will surely remember the "University Malaya" Big Logo with the Year figure boldly situated below it.

It's rather strange that the place has been there for the whole year and the students rarely go there for a photo shoot. It is always in the last week of the year, then you will see they throng the place like tourists throng KLCC or the eiffel tower. =p

Well, maybe it's because people normally take the place for granted for the whole year. Only when the number 2005 will be replaced by 2006, then people will only start to appreciate it. It's strange that this always happen also in our life. Have you notice that we take for granted for many things in life, until when it disappear, then we started to regret for not appreciate it?

Do appreciate for the things in life. Maybe some are very simple things, but do appreciate it!


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