Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year 2006!!!

Today marked another new day for the year 2006. Celebrate it quite moderately, minus the crowd, whistles and blowers.. and minus the screaming and also shouting too.. haha, that's counted good for me.

I celebrated it with my lovely girlfriend at my rented place. Witnessed lots of fire works at my place. =) Later on, play card games with roommates also...

New year do brings new year resolution.. I already drafted out my resolution.

1) To reduce weight to 65kg.
2) Learn at least one new lab technique per week.
3) Replace my old handphone to a new one.
4) Travel abroad for holiday.
5) Learn a new language.
6) To obtain good result in my master course.
7) Learn to make flash based website.
8) To re-launch my personal and GLNet website.

That's all!

Wish you have a wonderful and smooth sailing new year!


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