Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Public Lecture

Today I went for a public lecture from speaker President SHIH of NUS. He talked about how to steer the university to the direction for globalization and also about moving forward. His lecture is indeed inspiring and fresh, especially the way he convey his message to the audiences. He gave a lot of examples in life that can be used to visualize the strategies and plans that NUS has been doing so far.

unfortunately, during the Q & A session, I was really embarrassed by the Malaysian Audiences that asked stupid questions, and some are not even questions... Honestly, I also don't know what is the question??? There is one PhD lecturer that really got on my nerve, he is actually arguing the "illustrate" examples: like green house in the forest and "beautiful mind" movie with president prof SHIH. But that is just merely examples to strengthen his lecture..Nothing much..

This kind of people really reflect their childish, immature mind. I would to give you people a piece of advice: Next time when got a chance to ask questions in public lecture, try to prepare before asking, and ask relevant questions only. Please...You are representing the Malaysian top university lecturers, if you cannot improve our dignity, try to uphold it ok?


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