Monday, November 14, 2005

Penang Bridge Blog???

Tonight just when I was exhausted of staring at my 17" monitor for rushing to complete my project proposal, I decided to surf around the blog website just to see how others people doing on the blog. (Darn, that didn't help much, I'm still staring at the lovely monitor)

Then to my BIG surprise, I found The official Penang Bridge Blog website. YES, you hear me right, it's the Penang Bridge blog site!!! Well, this blog site really come in handy expecially when you want to travel to Penang island or vice-versa. In the blog, there are 4 cameras that take live snapshots of the traffic condition on the bridge. But there are only 3 cameras that functional when I visited the blog though.. Anyhow, it's still very useful. =p

Remember to check out the blog ok?


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