Saturday, November 19, 2005

Money, is it really important? Is it really a life changing factor?

Perhaps today quite free at part time, I suddenly have a thought and question for myself..

Is money really important in our life? Some might say yes, in the sense that in this reality world, everything has to be paid by money, either in credit card or cash.

But does money buy faith and trust? And can one buy happiness and health? Some might argue that if we got money, we sure can buy things that lead to happiness. But I'm sure that happiness "created" by money can't last very long..

But all of us can't deny money did change the way we live... We work and work and work just to make sure that we earn money... For what? Is it merely for food? This is also true, because come to think of it, we ain't practicing barter system any more, like i trade my rice for your mutton...hehe..

But is that all? Or do we need the money just to pay off the bills?

I, myself also very confused by all these... Yes, I need money to buy food, pay utilities bills, and to buy a hand phone!!! But is all these will be a good enough reason to have lots of money...Well, i might say that's not the reason... My reason to earn and save money is to have a stability in life and have a good living.. Not worrying whether I will have enough money to buy food or not, or whether have enough allowance for my parents and loves one...

Mmm.. now that I've definite the meaning of why earning money, How do I earn like Bill Gates leh?? or at least like Vincent Tan??


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