Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Last Basketball Match...

Tonight will be UM 12th college team last basketball match. Some situation has emerged there as we started to play the game.

We realized that some of our players didn't show up at the basketball court, so we only have a total of 5 players to play the whole game. No substitutes and no replacement for the injured and the tired one. The situation become very tensed and the players are in a very tired condition when the game was at the 2nd quarter. Chiew, the couch has to use the "time up" tactic efficiently to give time for our players to rest. But that is not enough to fully recharge the players energy.

However, all the players in the court have tried their best and showed a good sportsmanship throughout the whole game. In the end, we still lose..But we lose with dignity and respect.

The players that didn't show up at the event should earlier inform the leader, couch or manager so that re-arrangement can be made. They really should learn to be a team player, and a discipline one.

Our team players (in blue jersey) guarding against the opponents.


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