Monday, November 21, 2005

GLNet -- The Ultimate Website

I just finished writing a letter to my prof and suddenly feel wanna visit the my old and "almost" abandon website project on the net. The GLNet website which is hosted by Geocities was deleted without I even know it!

Well, I talk to myself, "how about I search in Yahoo or Google..perhaps somebody or somewhere there will be an active link for my website. And to my surprise, when I type in "GLNet Malaysia" as my keyword, there are lots of links that actually link to my website. And there's a archieve which keep the cache of my website!! I'm so delighted and save a copy for myself.. The visitors counter hit 2247 when I downloaded it. It's quite a number consided that I abandon the website for quite some time...I might say 5 years. Haha!

I think I gonna put the website back into active mode and fill in some juicy info for the target group. What do you think?


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