Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Last Basketball Match...

Tonight will be UM 12th college team last basketball match. Some situation has emerged there as we started to play the game.

We realized that some of our players didn't show up at the basketball court, so we only have a total of 5 players to play the whole game. No substitutes and no replacement for the injured and the tired one. The situation become very tensed and the players are in a very tired condition when the game was at the 2nd quarter. Chiew, the couch has to use the "time up" tactic efficiently to give time for our players to rest. But that is not enough to fully recharge the players energy.

However, all the players in the court have tried their best and showed a good sportsmanship throughout the whole game. In the end, we still lose..But we lose with dignity and respect.

The players that didn't show up at the event should earlier inform the leader, couch or manager so that re-arrangement can be made. They really should learn to be a team player, and a discipline one.

Our team players (in blue jersey) guarding against the opponents.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dilbert Cartoon that reflect on the current society

I just received this cartoon from Dilbert email that really reflect on our current society.. The rich folks will certainly find ways to get richer by exploiting the poor..

Well, picture said a thousand words, view the cartoon and you'll know what do i mean.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Movie night out--Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire

I watched Harry Potter at the GSC Mid Valley tonight. The movie really has visualise the scene for the dragon fight, but it did have "cut" out most of the chapters in the Harry Potter book. I was a bit dissapointed that the competition actually ended in the rush and I was like, HUH???

But anyway, overall it still is an interesting watch as you will see Hadrig first love with the giant teacher and also the first apperance of Mad Eye Moody, also not forgetting the main bad character Lord Voldermort.

If you haven't read the novel, then you might watch this 2 and a half hour movie to catch up on what's happening in the Hogwarts School. I still recommend the novel after you watch the movie, because the movie has left out the part when Hermione established the Elf Protection Club and how she stand up for the elves. =p So you can use some imaginations here. =p

Windows Vista Beta 1 is OUT!!!

Maybe I was not very aware of the update of the popular OS of windows Vista. But last few days when I stopby microsoft website, I found out that the Vista Beta 1 is available for download.

As my PC now is quite an indispenasble tool for my master project, so now I rather not try out the BETA version to save a lot of trouble from being re-format PC, and create a new partition for the OS.

But, as curiosity grows, I tried out the "skin" of Windows Vista, and I might say, I really love it! Attached photos is the GUI of the my OS interface..

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

KL Open Basketball Competition

Tonight is my first night watching 12th college team compete in the competition. Even though our team members all have final exams to deal with, they all show a very good sportsmanship. All the players have tried their best. I can see that most of them lack of training, some didn't have the accuracy to shoot the long range ball.. But in the all, they didn't give up hope.

Even though our team lose, but they have tried their best, and they have played a very good and interesting game. All the best, and try to practice on the shooting.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Public Lecture

Today I went for a public lecture from speaker President SHIH of NUS. He talked about how to steer the university to the direction for globalization and also about moving forward. His lecture is indeed inspiring and fresh, especially the way he convey his message to the audiences. He gave a lot of examples in life that can be used to visualize the strategies and plans that NUS has been doing so far.

unfortunately, during the Q & A session, I was really embarrassed by the Malaysian Audiences that asked stupid questions, and some are not even questions... Honestly, I also don't know what is the question??? There is one PhD lecturer that really got on my nerve, he is actually arguing the "illustrate" examples: like green house in the forest and "beautiful mind" movie with president prof SHIH. But that is just merely examples to strengthen his lecture..Nothing much..

This kind of people really reflect their childish, immature mind. I would to give you people a piece of advice: Next time when got a chance to ask questions in public lecture, try to prepare before asking, and ask relevant questions only. Please...You are representing the Malaysian top university lecturers, if you cannot improve our dignity, try to uphold it ok?

My PC is back Online

After about 12 hours of ordeal, my PC is finally working back to normal and online! Well, just don't ask me whether I'm using the genuine Windows XP because I don't know... or I pretend not to know. Haha...

BTW, will share a story after attending the public lecture in UM from President SHIH from NUS.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Dilbert Funny Cartoon

Well, this is another funny cartoon for you all. Click on it to have to better view. Gonna deleter it from my desktop already..Preparation for format...

Cool Qrio From Sony

I found this at the Google Video of the day. It featured Qrio the robot dance on the dance. It's really unbelieveable!!! They dance move are so smooth!!! You gonna see it to believe it!!!

Improved Blog Site

As you might have noticed earlier, I've added a very attractive clock on my blog iste here. Hehe, and not forgetting that I have added the code for calculating the total visitors, and total visitors currently viewing my blog.

Oh, and not forgetting that I have added in a mailing list to inform you if the blog site has updated. So enjoy it and hope to get your feedback here. To give your comment or feedback, just click on "o comment" just under this mesage, and write away...

Thank you for supporting the blog site!!!

GLNet -- The Ultimate Website

I just finished writing a letter to my prof and suddenly feel wanna visit the my old and "almost" abandon website project on the net. The GLNet website which is hosted by Geocities was deleted without I even know it!

Well, I talk to myself, "how about I search in Yahoo or Google..perhaps somebody or somewhere there will be an active link for my website. And to my surprise, when I type in "GLNet Malaysia" as my keyword, there are lots of links that actually link to my website. And there's a archieve which keep the cache of my website!! I'm so delighted and save a copy for myself.. The visitors counter hit 2247 when I downloaded it. It's quite a number consided that I abandon the website for quite some time...I might say 5 years. Haha!

I think I gonna put the website back into active mode and fill in some juicy info for the target group. What do you think?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Money, is it really important? Is it really a life changing factor?

Perhaps today quite free at part time, I suddenly have a thought and question for myself..

Is money really important in our life? Some might say yes, in the sense that in this reality world, everything has to be paid by money, either in credit card or cash.

But does money buy faith and trust? And can one buy happiness and health? Some might argue that if we got money, we sure can buy things that lead to happiness. But I'm sure that happiness "created" by money can't last very long..

But all of us can't deny money did change the way we live... We work and work and work just to make sure that we earn money... For what? Is it merely for food? This is also true, because come to think of it, we ain't practicing barter system any more, like i trade my rice for your mutton...hehe..

But is that all? Or do we need the money just to pay off the bills?

I, myself also very confused by all these... Yes, I need money to buy food, pay utilities bills, and to buy a hand phone!!! But is all these will be a good enough reason to have lots of money...Well, i might say that's not the reason... My reason to earn and save money is to have a stability in life and have a good living.. Not worrying whether I will have enough money to buy food or not, or whether have enough allowance for my parents and loves one...

Mmm.. now that I've definite the meaning of why earning money, How do I earn like Bill Gates leh?? or at least like Vincent Tan??

Friday, November 18, 2005

Funny Q & A

Got this joke from Dilbert newsletter, hope you enjoy it!

Dear Dogbert,

Are golfers athletes?


Dear Nerd,

Yes, in the same way that moss is salad.



Monday, November 14, 2005

Penang Bridge Blog???

Tonight just when I was exhausted of staring at my 17" monitor for rushing to complete my project proposal, I decided to surf around the blog website just to see how others people doing on the blog. (Darn, that didn't help much, I'm still staring at the lovely monitor)

Then to my BIG surprise, I found The official Penang Bridge Blog website. YES, you hear me right, it's the Penang Bridge blog site!!! Well, this blog site really come in handy expecially when you want to travel to Penang island or vice-versa. In the blog, there are 4 cameras that take live snapshots of the traffic condition on the bridge. But there are only 3 cameras that functional when I visited the blog though.. Anyhow, it's still very useful. =p

Remember to check out the blog ok?

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