Saturday, October 29, 2005

the midnight story

this is my first attempt to write a blog or should i call diary of myself... =p

It's kinda feeling a bit weird because I create this using my close friend pc rather mine pc which is just a few steps away.. But what to pc didn't hv the LAN line to connect yet... sigh...
Anyway, this is the first time in my uni life to surf the net in the mid night... It brings a feeling of dejavu from my high school life. Haha, for a lesson of history for you all, during 1997 in Malaysia we saw the internet dial=up boom. We all teenagers (now still is, mind you) are crazy bout icq and irc. We can actually chat about virtually everything on the net till late in the night..or should i say late in the morning 4am??

Now very long time didn't do it..until now. Well, if you tell us that you have a blog in 1997, we all may though you may want to say u have a dog, just that u pronounce it wrongly. Haha..
Well, things have been change a lot lately.. not only the technology, the people around us too... My friends around have started to work, some even have planning to start a family... some accidently have a baby ( just kidding dude! ).. some have married. It really makes me feel a bit nervous.

But i didn't rush to get all the things in life done quickly, I just wanna take it one step at a time.. Wanna make most of my moments in uni life to be the sweetest..
gee, i think my "essay" just sway away from the main title here. Terkeluar tajuk pula!!!
Well, goodnight and take care you all!!!

I will post more of stories and photos in the near future.. but not too near for my comfort la.. haha! =p


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